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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wednesday's Round Up

What is it about the number 1 lately? Today is 1-11-11.

What today is not:

The first of the week. It is in fact the middle of the week.

So we have this plethora of ones showing up right in the middle of the week.


Other cool midweek things:

The rooster, Roo, has been crowing anxiously this morning at the window. On closer inspection, the sunlight has turned the glass into a mirror. Would it do any good to tell him that it is himself he is seeing?

Probably not.

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In it, Roo sees his competition.
His worst nightmare, his adversary, his foe.
He is careful to keep the chair between him and the enemy.
He only stops crowing to look around nervously and wonder where the hens are.
They are of course, enjoying pecking and searching for bugs.
They have no time for rooster shenanigans.
Lets hope the suns upward course ends the reflective factor soon, poor Roo is starting to sound hoarse...

Meet Viceroy:

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Viceroy isn't afraid of his own reflection unlike Roo. This may be due to the fact that there are no windows in Viceroys world but has to be due at least in part, to the fact that as herd bull, Viceroy reigns supreme in his world. His sovereignty isn't questioned, least of all by himself.

Viceroy meets Minnie!

Check out Minnie's body language. She would back up mid air if she could, doesn't she look like she's having fun?

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Minnie is a monarch in her own right but the reigning title has to go to Emme perched atop her hay bale throne.

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But the true star of the day is Dilly (my daughter in law) for dropping by with these.

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Arent Wednesdays wonderful?

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  1. That was fun. It was like taking a little trip thru your farm. Viceroy must be gentle for a human to be so close. I'm wondering what kind of bull he is. Roo was smart to stay between the chair and the window. He was probably telling the rooster in the window just how very smart he is. Minnie is adorable. Love the whole thing!!