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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Two Peas In a Bucket

One fine day,

well yesterday actually,

it was time for this:

can you see them?

If you want the "tamer" version you can ride alongside the driver. Or you can go HIGH up in the air and touch the sky!

The free fall with a little bounce at the end is a good way to get your blood flowing!

Of course once your down lots of friends want to hop in too...

The more the merrier!

Who needs the county fair with its luscious smells of corn dogs and elephant ears and the thrill seeking Tilt a Whirl?

Not us!

We can manufacture it right here, down home style! (well, minus the smells of fried sugar air and the music and all the other people)

Thats ok.

Maybe next we will bob for apples in the cow trough.

wanna come?


  1. Very cute. Love the kids and love the pups.

  2. Yeah, I wanna come!!What lucky kids!! At first I thought they were being lifted up to harvest nuts or something from that big tree. You have such beautiful surroundings Indie.

  3. Oh how I wish that were me as a kid on your farm growing up. What a wonderful childhood they are having. It will be so full of memories and you are a big part of that and a major reason for their bountiful and good life. Thanks for the post!