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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Emmy, You Big Baby!


You all know Emmy my little heartbeat. What you don't know is...


Yes that's right, spoiled. She is not allowed on the furniture but has a floor cushion from PetSmart that made my husband think we should ditch our bed and just sleep on it!!

Her doggie pillow has a place of honor in the living room right by my favorite chair. She loves to be out romping and playing with the other dogs during the day. Once it gets dark and she gets tired she climbs the front steps and leans perilously over the divide to "tap" on the edge of our bay window with her paw. Tap tap tap on the glass around 9 o'clock means Emmy is done with her day.

Some nights Emmy will snooze cozily on her pillow, letting out the occasional doggie fart and all is quiet.

Other times Emmy is still in high gear when she comes in. Nothing is harder for her (spoiled as she is) than understanding that she is not totally on equal footing with The Littlest Princess (grand daughter) "no, Emmy you can NOT eat half of her hot dog while she screams at you"

"NO NO stop it Emmy!"

And woe betide her if Nana (that's me) makes the rightfully indignant Princess ANOTHER hot dog to replace the stolen one and Emmy disobeys the dreaded "Nana" too....

That can cause Emmy to be sent to her room for a big ole doggy timeout!

So what does Emmy do?

She pouts.

a close up of poor little piffle while she pouts...

notice her horrid confinement conditions...
not one but TWO doggie pillows to cushion her bruised ego,
along with her toy babydoll (of which she has bitten off a leg)

most politically inappropriate I am thinking.....

for her part, I am sure that she thinks that this is the doggie equivalent of Guantanamo Bay, but fortunately for her The Littlest Princess and I both watch the Nanny on TV and we have been enlightened to the fact that a time out should be the same as your age.

Since Emmy is 1 yr old we give her 7 minutes for her time out.

It's that "dog years thing."

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